Staff Profile

Paul DiLanzo
From the age of five I would run around playing hide and seek among the furniture and carpet rolls in my dad’s furniture shop, where I would listen to him selling to the local European families. Little did I know, I was establishing solid sales foundations from a very young age.

Having worked several part time jobs as a kid, by the time I got my driver’s licence I had saved enough money to buy my dream sports car, a Toyota Celica hatch back for $7,999. This was my first major financial decision, and the first time being exposed to the importance of property ownership.

While contemplating the purchase of my dream car, my dad bestowed some wisdom that stuck with me for life and started me on my real estate journey. In broken English he told me, “buy a house instead, because you can always buy cars with houses, but you can never buy houses with cars” …

He was right, he was ALWAYS right.

I thrust myself into the world of real estate in 1997 and have never looked back, I still work hard every day, striving to be the best not only for my clients, but for my two beautiful children Ariahna and Antonio. I involve my kids in my business as much as possible to educate them on the world they face, teaching them the importance of treating people with respect, which will inevitably open many doors for them in life. My kids have met most of my clients, and I hope you get to meet them too.

In over 20 years of working in the real estate industry I have accumulated skills and knowledge that only comes with fighting in the trenches for my clients time and time again, so you can rest assured that whatever situation you are in I have likely encountered it many times before. When selling your home, I understand that who you entrust with your greatest asset is a difficult decision, and it’s a privilege I do not take for granted.

I pride myself on working my fingers to the bone for YOU, ensuring you enjoy the selling experience as many have before in my 20 years in the industry. I do what I love, and love what I do.
Hayley Veitch
I've climbed through many construction sites in my stilettos. Any girl will understand how hard it is to walk through soft sand in heels. To me it's all part of the job. No day is the same. From the people I meet to the properties I see, the late nights to the long weeks. I do it because I love it and if that means ruining a good pair of heels every so often, so be it! Whatever it takes.

My background was in marketing, but in 2005 I fell head first into a career in Real Estate and never looked back.

Having worked and trained with some of the industry's best, I work with Paul to continually develop our systems and brand.

Paul and I constantly push and challenge each other to become even better than we were yesterday. We live and breathe Real Estate and being at the top of our game means hard work and commitment.

Your property needs to be marketed and presented in its best light, I need to reach out, get your property seen and bring the buyer into your home. When you need something, I'm here to organise, coordinate and answer all your questions - from listing to settlement.

When the weekend comes it's SHOW TIME (our glorified term for Home Opens)! Paul and I hit the road together - an unstoppable team, ready to put in the hard work, be the tough negotiators and deliver the very best results to our sellers.